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Tretyakov Gates and Ivan Fyodorov Monument

Tretyakov Gates (April 2013)

Situated between Ulitsa Nikolskaya and Teatralny Proezd are the Tretyakov Gates and fragments of walls which were reconstructed in 2000. The original gates were built as part of the Kitai-Gorod Walls between 1534 and 1538, however these were demolished in 1934. Today the reconstructed gates are used to house designer shops and car showrooms. Just outside the gates on Teatralny Proezd is a statue of Russia's first printer - Ivan Fyodorov. Originally this monument was unveiled in 1909 outside the Moscow Printing Yard where Fyodorov worked, but it was moved to its present located during the Soviet years.  Also located here are the foundations of the destroyed 17th-century white stone Trinity Church.

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Location Teatralny Proezd
Metro Teatralnaya