Around Red Square

Our Lady of Kazan Cathedral

Our Lady of Kazan Cathedral (June 2013)

Located in the north-eastern corner of Red Square is the pretty Our Lady of Kazan Cathedral. There has been a church dedicated to the Our Lady of Kazan Icon here since at least 1625 and the first stone version was consecrated in 1636. This version of the cathedral stood until 1936 when it was demolished on the orders of Stalin to allow military equipment to take part in parades on Red Square. In 1990 it was decided to rebuild the cathedral and construction work was completed in 1993. The cathedral is topped with a single dome surrounded by a pyramid of kokoshniks (corbel arches) and adjoined by a small bell tower.

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Location 5 Ulitsa Nikolskaya
Metro Okhotny Ryad, Ploschad Revolyutsi