Around Ploschad Revolyutsi and Ulitsa Nikolskaya

Moscow Printing Yard

Moscow Printing Yard (April 2013)

The Moscow Printing Yard was the first printing press to be established in Russia. It was founded upon the orders of Tsar Ivan the Terrible. In 1564 Ivan Fyodorov and Pyotr Mstislavets issued the printing yard's first book which was entitled Apostle. In 1612 the building was heavily damaged by fire and it was replaced with the current building in 1620. In the late 19th century the façade was given a baroque-style makeover. Since 1931 the building has been the home of the Russian State Humanities University (previously known as the Moscow Historical Archive Institute).

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Location 15c1 Ulitsa Nikolskaya
Metro Ploschad Revolyutsi