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Epiphany Cathedral and Brothers Lichud Monument

Epiphany Cathedral and Brothers Lichud Monument (April 2013)

In 1296 Prince Daniil of Moscow founded the Bogoyavlensky Monastery dedicated to the Epiphany ('bogoyavlenie') of Christ. Its main cathedral was the wooden Epiphany Cathedral which Ivan Kalita ordered to be replaced with a stone version in 1340. This first stone version was heavily damaged by Tatar and Mongol raids over the centuries and was replaced in 1624 with the current version - a tower-church in the Naryshkin baroque style. In 1685 the Greek monks Ioannikos and Sofroni Lichud settled in the monastery and founded the Slavic-Greek-Latin Academy which was later relocated to the nearby Zaikonospassky Monastery. After the revolution the monastery was closed down and its buildings were damaged during the Second World War. In 1991 the Epiphany Cathedral was returned to the Russian Orthodox Church, restored and reopened. In 2007 a statue of the monks Ioannikos and Sofroni Lichud was unveiled outside the cathedral, using funds raised by the Greek Embassy in Moscow.

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