Around Manezhnaya Ploschad

Resurrection Gates and Our Lady of Iveron Chapel

Resurrection Gates and Our Lady of Iveron Chapel (December 2011)

Manezhnaya Ploschad is separated from Red Square by the Resurrection (Voskresenskie) Gates which were originally part of the Kitai-Gorod Walls, practically none of which survives today. The original stone version of the gates were erected in the 1530s and in 1680 two towers were added. In 1781 a wooden chapel dedicated to the Our Lady of Iveron was built on, and in 1791 this was replaced by a stone version. However the gates and chapel stood in the way of Stalin's plan to hold parades on Red Square and so he had them demolished in 1931 along with the rest of the walls. The gates and chapel were only reconstructed in 1995.

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Location Manezhnaya Ploschad
Metro Okhotny Ryad, Ploschad Revolyutsi