Around Arbatskaya Ploschad

Nikolai Gogol Monument (Sad Gogol)

Nikolai Gogol Monument (July 2013)

Rather unusually there are actually two statues of Nikolai Gogol located close to each other around Arbatskaya Ploschad. The statue which now stands in the courtyard outside the Nikolai Gogol House is the oldest statue and was originally unveiled on Prechistensky Bulvar (later renamed Gogolevsky Bulvar) in 1909. It depicts Gogol sat down and looking rather downbeat, staring at the ground. The monument's pedestal is decorated with scenes from Gogol's work. According to legend, Stalin was displeased with the gloomy depiction of Gogol and wanted it replaced. This monument was removed in 1952 and was briefly displayed at the Archaeological Museum at Donskoy Monastery until it was moved to its present location in 1959.

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Location 7A Nikitsky Bulvar
Metro Arbatskaya