Sights in Soligalich

Soligalich is a small city and you can easily see all sights on foot. The city has a regulated city plan and all main streets radiate out of the central square which is called Red Square. The bus station is located in the north of the city.

Around the City

Lenin Monument and Trading Rows

  • Red Square (Krasnaya Ploschad)

Soligalich’s central square is Red Square (Krasnaya Ploschad) and like many central squares across Russia it is marked with a statue of Vladimir Lenin which stands in front of the city’s administrative building. Also located close to Lenin are two sets of 19th century trading rows which have become... Read more »

Former Exaltation of the Cross Cathedral

  • Red Square (Krasnaya Ploschad)

Soligalich’s central cathedral was once the Exaltation of the Cross Cathedral which is also known as Ss Boris and Gleb’s Cathedral. It was built between 1809 and 1816 in the classical style with facades decorated with columns, a central dome and a separate bell tower. However after the... Read more »

Regional Museum

  • 2 Ulitsa Sovetskaya
  • 10:00 – 17:00 (lunch: 13:00 - 14:00). Closed on Fridays.

Soligalich’s regional museum is located in a classical style 19th century building which was once a hotel. Like most regional museums, Soligalich’s details the history of the city from prehistoric time to the modern day. Highlights of its collection includes icons and paintings from the nearby Neronovo estate... Read more »

Entry into Jerusalem Church

  • 8 Ulitsa Karla Libknekhta

The Entry into Jerusalem Church is located somewhat behind the city’s main square between two main roads. It was built in 1804 and consists of a small structure attached to a bell tower. After the Revolution the church was closed and its domes were removed. It has since... Read more »

Transfiguration of the Saviour Church and St Nicholas' Church

The church complex consisting of the Transfiguration of the Saviour Church and St Nicholas' Church is now the main place of worship in Soligalich and its parish, as most of the city’s other churches have never been restored and reopened after the Soviet period. The main church of the... Read more »

Earthen Mounds

  • by Galakhov Brigde (most imeni Galakhova)

On the left-bank of the River Kostroma just across from Galakhov Bridge are earthen mounds which are all that remains of Soligalich’s fortress. It is known in Russian as a gorodische which means the site of an ancient settlement and it is believed that the city developed from... Read more »

Nativity of the Virgin Mary Cathedral

  • 16 Ulitsa Vyluzgina

The main sight of Soligalich is probably the beautiful Nativity of the Virgin Mary Cathedral which was once the main place of worship of the Rozdestvensky Devichy Convent. The convent was founded in the mid-17th century by Tsaritsa Maria Miloskavskaya, the wife of Tsar Alexis, who herself grew... Read more »

Former Voskresensky Monastery

  • Ulitsa Naberezhnaya

The Voskresensky Monastery was founded in 1335 and it is precisely with the foundation of this monastery that Soligalich takes its official year of foundation. In the 15th century Aleksandr Vochsky became a monk at the monastery and today he is remembered as St Alexander (Aleksandr) of Galich. During... Read more »

St Peter and Paul's Church

  • 48 Ulitsa Komsomolskaya

Another of the few working churches in Soligalich is St Peter and Paul’s Church which is located in the city’s cemetery. The small church consisting of a single-domed structure attached to a bell tower dates from 1815. In the cemetery itself there is also a memorial on the graves... Read more »