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Nativity of the Virgin Mary Cathedral

Nativity of the Virgin Mary Cathedral (June 2015)

The main sight of Soligalich is probably the beautiful Nativity of the Virgin Mary Cathedral which was once the main place of worship of the Rozdestvensky Devichy Convent. The convent was founded in the mid-17th century by Tsaritsa Maria Miloskavskaya, the wife of Tsar Alexis, who herself grew up in the vicinity of Soligalich. The cathedral was built between 1668 but stopped in 1669 on the death of Tsaritsa Maria who was funding the project. Work only began once more in 1792 and it was finally consecrated in 1805. The interior of the cathedral was painted with frescoes between 1826 and 1827, fragments of which survive to this day.

In 1925 the cathedral was closed and used as a regional museum up until 2000. The building was returned to the Orthodox Church in 2004 and subsequently restored and reopened as the city’s main cathedral.

Location 16 Ulitsa Vyluzgina