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Former Voskresensky Monastery

Former Voskresensky Monastery (June 2015)

The Voskresensky Monastery was founded in 1335 and it is precisely with the foundation of this monastery that Soligalich takes its official year of foundation. In the 15th century Aleksandr Vochsky became a monk at the monastery and today he is remembered as St Alexander (Aleksandr) of Galich.

During the Soviet era the monastery was closed and it remains closed to this day. However two of its buildings survive: the Resurrection of Christ Cathedral with its attached bell tower which date from the mid-17th century and the smaller Epiphany Church was dates from 1681.

Neither church has since been reopened and both are in need of restoration, with large cracks visible on the façade.

Location Ulitsa Naberezhnaya