In the North of the City

Kazansko-Bogoroditsky Convent

Kazansko-Bogoroditsky Convent (May 2013)

Yelabuga's only convent is the Kazansko-Boroditsky Convent which is dedicated to the Our Lady of Kazan Icon. The convent was founded in 1856 as a religious community and was granted the status of a convent in 1868. The local merchant Ivan Stakheev was the main benefactor in founding the convent. In 1918 the convent was officially closed although people kept meeting there for worship up until 1928 when the convent's buildings were converted into housing. It was eventually reopened in 1995 and was, for a short period, the only functioning convent in the Kazan and Tatarstan Eparchy.

Today the convent is in a rather sorry state, but reconstruction work has begun. Its main church is the Our Lady of Kazan Church which is a modern reconstruction. The smaller St Barbara's Church dates from around 1887, although it lost many of its church architectural features during the soviet era. Parts of the convent's walls and gates have also survived.

Location 119 Ulitsa M. Gorkogo