Around Ulitsa Kazanskaya

Nadezhda Durova Monument

Nadezhda Durova Monument (May 2013)

At first glance you might think the equestrian statue on the intersection of Ulitsa Kazanskaya and Ulitsa Durova is just another statue of one of Russia's standard war heroes. However on further expectation you will see that it is in fact a woman in military uniform on the horse. The woman is Nadezhda Durova who disguised herself as a man and joined the army as Aleksandr Sokolov. Durova fought bravely in the Prussian Campaign and eventually rumours of her reached Emperor Alexander I who permitted her to continue her service provided she kept up the pretence. The Emperor even gave her the pseudonym of Aleksandr Aleksandrov. She went on to fight in the Napoleonic War and was injured in the Battle of Borodino. Eventually Durova settled in Yelabuga where she died in 1866 aged 83. This monument was unveiled in 1993.

Location intersection of Ulitsa Kazanskaya and Ulitsa Durova