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Musa Cälil Monument

Musa Cälil Monument (May 2013)

Further up Prospekt Musy Dzhalilya (Musa Cälil Prospect) is Musa Cälil Park and, as you would expect, in the centre of the small park is a monument to Musa Cälil himself. Cälil (also transliterated as Dzhalil) is one of the most celebrated Tatar poets who is the only person to have been awarded both the Lenin Prize for Literature and be named a Hero of the Soviet Union for his valour during the Second World War. Cälil was sentenced to death and guillotined by the Nazis at the Moabit prison in August 1944, but the poems which he wrote in this prison survive as the Moabit Notebooks.

Location Musa Cälil Park (GES, 9th complex)