Transport in Bolgar

Bolgar Bus Station

Bolgar Bus Station is located just next to the central market, in a small shopping centre.

Location intersection of Ulitsa Lenina and Ulitsa Rynochnaya (ул. Ленина / ул. Рыночная)
Selected Destinations Kazan

Bolgar Pier

Bolgar's tourist pier is located just next to the museum-reserve.

Location next to Ulitsa Mukhamadiara (ул. Мухамадьяра) - next to the Museum Reserve
Selected Destinations Kazan

Getting to/from Bolgar

Bolgar is a small city with no railway station.  The best way to get to Bolgar is from Kazan.  In the summer you can get a ferry from Kazan, but from November to May the only option is by bus.

From Kazan

There are 3 buses a day between Kazan and Bolgar.  Buses from Kazan leave from Kazan's Southern Bus station (Южный Автовокзал). In addition you might find minibuses heading for Bolgar from outside Kazan's River Port.

The most comfortable and quickest way to get to Bolgar from Kazan is a ferry down the River Volga, but this service only operates in summer. The ferry leaves Kazan River Port once a day in the morning and arrives at Bolgar's pier around 2½ hours later.  The boat has a four hour stop in Bolgar and then returns to Kazan.