Trans-Siberian Railway


  While visiting St Petersburg and Moscow is essential and probably sufficient for a first trip to Russia - the world-famous Trans-Siberian Railway would take you further on a real adventure deep into Russia. The Trans-Siberian is the longest railroad in the world and takes you 9,298km across Russia in around seven days (or even more if you make stops). This journey will stay in your memory as an unforgettable trip and let you get acquainted with Russians, Russian culture and the daily life of the country. 

  Many people have heard of the Trans-Siberian Railway and many people have a certain picture of it in their minds: as the longest railroad in the world, traversing the whole of Russia and serving as a special tourist route via a special Trans-Siberian Express train, which passes through dense taiga forests.

  Rather unromantically the Trans-Siberian Railway is actually just a vast network of lots of railway lines making up three main routes, which millions of Russians use frequently just to get from A to B. Most passengers on the route don't traverse the whole Trans-Siberian route from Moscow to Vladivostok (or to Beijing or Ulan Bator) and the railway is not just served by one train which goes from Moscow to Vladivostok and back.  There are some trains that do go all the way from Moscow to Vladivostok making various stops on the route, but the majority of trains running along the route just serve sections of the railway. This of course though doesn't mean that the romantic view of the Trans-Siberian is unwarranted - it is rightly described as a trip of a lifetime.

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