Russian North Tours


  Karelia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Russia. It is no surprise why as here you will find pristine natures, frozen lakes and snowy forests - in other words a real winter wonderland. In addition the region has good transport links with Moscow and St Petersburg and isn’t too far: there is a night train from Moscow and a five-hour express train or a standard night train from St Petersburg. Karelia is located next to Finland and has a similar nature to that of Finland, and even shares a lot of its history with Finland. However prices in Karelia are cheaper than its neighbour, and even Finns come here to ride snowmobiles or go dog-sledding. Detailed below are variants of two or three-day tours around Winter Karelia. The tours are run in small groups with the accompaniment of translators and instructors.

  It is possible to combine a trip to Karelia with a tour of St Petersburg or Moscow, and, as for all tours run by Rusmania, we can even put together for you a unique, individual tour to Karelia.