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Saviour Church

The Saviour Church is the oldest surviving stone building in Irkutsk. The first church to stand in this location, which was originally within the walls of the Irkutsk Kremlin, was built out of wood in 1672. Work on the present-day stone version began in 1706 and was completed in 1710. In the mid-18th century the small cubic church was extended with the construction of a bell tower. The most prominent feature though is the early-19th century frescos which decorate the outside of the church - this is not found anywhere else in Siberia.

After the Revolution the church was saved from destruction but nevertheless closed in 1931.  The building was used for various means but in 1960 it was recognised as having architectural significance and protected. In 1982 it was turned into a museum and it was only in 2006 that it was returned to the Orthodox Church and reopened for worship.

Location 2 Ulitsa Sukhe-Batora