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Regional Museum of the Irkutsk Region: Nature Department

Irkutsk's regional museum was founded in 1782 upon the initiative of local nobles and merchants and is one of the oldest museums in Siberia. In 1879 the museum was destroyed in the Great Fire of Irkutsk, but reopened in 1888. The museum today is divided into two main departments: one dedicated to history and one to nature, which are both located on Ulitsa Karla Marksa.

The Nature Department is located in an early 20th century two-story building and was opened in 1920. On display are various fossils, including bones of mammoths, ancient bison and giant elk, and a collection of valuable stones found in the Irkutsk Region. The zoological section displays stuffed animals which can be found in Siberia and further afield. Finally there is also an exhibition on the nature of the area surrounding Lake Baikal.

Location 11 Ulitsa Karla Marksa
Clock 10:00 – 18:00 (summer: 10:00 – 20:00)