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Moscow Gates

Standing on Irkutsk's lower embankment of the Angara is a triumphal arch which is known as the Moskovskie or Moscow Gates as it marks the entrance to the city if coming from the European part of Russia. Construction of the gates began in 1811 to mark the 10 year anniversary of Emperor Alexander I's reign. In 1858 a second pair of gates were erected in the city similar to the Moscow Gates. These were located on the east of the city and were known as the Armurskie or Amur Gates.

Due to their imperial connection the gates were demolished in 1928, with the Amur Gates sharing the same fate. However in 2009 on the 350th anniversary of Irkutsk work began on reconstructing the Moscow Gates which were finally opened in 2011. Although there are also plans to rebuild the Amur Gates too, this has not yet happened.

Location Nizhnyaya Naberezhnaya