Yakutsk is the capital of the Republic of Sakha and is widely known as being a ‘Capital of Cold’ as it is built on permafrost and experiences temperature of -40 and even -50 and lower in winter. In its short summers though the temperatures can reach +40! The city makes the most of its connection with mammoths and many mammoth remains are on display in the city’s museums. From the city you can visit the stunning Lena Pillars relatively easily, or even go on a much longer excursion to Oymyakon where the coldest ever temperature for a permanently inhabited settlement was recorded.

-40C in Yakutsk ©rusmania.com

Basic facts
Name in Russian Якутск
Name in Yakutian Дьокуускай (Jokūskaĭ)
Status Capital of the Republic of Sakha
Location On the River Lena
Distance 8,270km east of Moscow; 2,360km north-west of Khabarovsk
Time Zone Yakutsk Time (Moscow +6)
Population 299,169 people: 47% Yakuts, 38% Russian (2015)
Founded 1632
City Day Second Sunday in September
Official Website http://якутск.рф/