East of the Historical Centre

Petrovsky Monastery

Rostov's Petrovsky Monastery is the smallest of the monasteries and convents in the city. It was founded in the late 13th century, according to legend by a prince of the Golden Horde who fled the Horde with Bishop Kirill of Rostov, who baptised him and gave him the name of Pyotr. Pyotr founded the monastery after allegedly witnessing an appearance of the apostles Peter and Paul. In the late 17th century Ss Peter and Paul's Cathedral and the Praise of the Virgin Mary Church became the first stone constructions in the monastery. However during the Soviet era the monastery was closed and Ss Peter and Pauls' Cathedral was destroyed. The Praise of the Virgin Mary Church did survive along with parts of the monastery walls, albeit in a dilapidated state. The monastery has since been reopened and is in the process of being restored.

Location 13 Ulitsa Leningradskaya