Around Ulitsa Svobody and Ulitsa Plescheevskaya

Vladimir Lenin Monument

Vladimir Lenin Monument (June 2009)

Located just to the south of Ulitsa Svobody is Komsomolskaya Ploschad (Komsomol Square). It is here outside the former assembly building that you can find Pereslavl-Zalessky's statue of Lenin. Out of the thousands of Lenin statues all over Russia, Pereslavl-Zalessky's has two interesting features. Firstly it was one of the earliest to be erected - in 1929 just five years after Lenin's death. Secondly it was ordered by local people themselves. You could even include a third point if you take into account the various opinions on how Lenin looks, with some claiming it doesn't look like him and others saying he looks incredibly angry.  The pedestal depicts two bas-reliefs depicting Lenin arriving at St Petersburg Finlyandsky Railway Station and Lenin's Mausoleum on Red Square.

Location outside 2 Ulits Komsomolskaya