Around Ulitsa Moskovskaya

Svyato-Troitsky Danilov Monastery

The Svyato-Troitsky Danilov Monastery was founded in 1508 by the monk Daniil who was later canonised as St Daniel (Daniil) of Pereslavl-Zalessky. Permission was granted to found the monastery by Grand Prince Vasily III who later donated funds to build the first stone buildings at the monastery in 1530 to commemorate the birth of his long awaited heir - the future Ivan the Terrible. During the Time of Troubles the monastery suffered at the hand of Polish and Lithuanian interventionists. In 1923 the monastery was closed and was even used as a prison camp for German POWs during the Second World War. It was only re-established in 1995.

Trinity Cathedral

The monastery's main cathedral is the Trinity cathedral which was built between 1530 and 1532 in celebration of the birth of Ivan Vasilievich who would grew up to become Ivan the Terrible. The relics of St Daniel were interred in the cathedral in 1652 and in 1660 a side-altar dedicated to him was built onto the cathedral. The interior of the cathedral was decorated with frescos in the mid-17th century, the painting of which was overseen by celebrated icon painter Gury Nikitin. These frescos survive to this day.

Other Churches

The monastery has three other churches in addition to its cathedral. To the south of the cathedral is the Praise of the Virgin Mary Church which was built in 1695 as part of the monastery's refectory.  Behind the cathedral next to the necropolis is the small and simple All-Saints Church was dates from 1687. Finally the Our Lady of Tikhvin Church is located within the monastery's Holy Gates which were erected in the early 17th century.

Location 7 Ulitsa Lugovaya