Around Ulitsa Moskovskaya

Feodorovsky Convent

  The Feodorovsky Convent was founded in 1304 as a monastery to commemorate a battle fought here earlier in the year between the principalities of Moscow and Tver for control of Pereslavl-Zalessky. Since the battle was fought on the feast day of St Theodore Stratelates, the monastery was dedicated in honour of him. During the reign of Ivan the Terrible the monastery benefited from gifts from the tsar and a new cathedral was built here out of stone to celebrate the birth of Ivan's son Fyodor. In 1667 the monastery became a convent.

  In 1923 the convent was closed and over time it was used as a children's prison, an old age pensioners home and as an army base. However restoration work was carried out in 1967 and in 1998 the buildings were granted to the Nikolsky Convent. The convent was subsequently fully restored and its churches were reopened for worship. Today over 20 nuns live at the convent.

St Theodore Stratelates' Cathedral

  The convent's main cathedral is St Theodore Stratelates' Cathedral which was built in 1557 on the orders of Tsar Ivan the Terrible to celebrate the birth of his son Fyodor. The cathedral takes the form of a traditional monumental-type building with a large cube structure topped with five dome and surrounded by a closed gallery. The interior is decorated with frescos, fragments of which survive and other parts which have been restored.

Presentation of Virgin Mary Church

  Immediately next to St Theodore Stratelates' Cathedral is the smaller and simpler Presentation of Virgin Mary Church which dates from 1710. The church has a single central dome and two domes over its side altars. Recent restoration work saw the church repainted white with blue and gold domes - colours associated with the Virgin Mary. To the north of the church is a belfry and a small chapel with a holy well.

Our Lady of Kazan Church

  The final church in the convent is the small Our Lady of Kazan Church which was built in 1714. The simple structure consists of a small cube structure with a single dome. On either side of the church are various auxiliary buildings of the convent, including premises for the nuns.

Location 85 Ulitsa Moskovskaya