Sights of Divnogorye

Top landmarks of Divnogorye

Divnogorsky Uspensky Cave-Monastery

  • selo Divnogorye (next to Divnogorskaya platform)

The Divnogorsky Uspensky Cave-Monastery is traditionally thought to have been founded in 1653 when a group of monks arrived at the cave complex known as Malye Divy with a regiment of Cossacks to establish a monastery as part of an outpost on the Belgorod Abatis Border. However there are signs that the site was inhabited even before this date. From the beginning the monks set up cells in the surrounding caves as well as building wooden churches. Being located on Russia’s southern… Read more »

Divnogorye Museum-Reserve

  • 09:30-18:00 (Saturdays until 21:00). 1 May to 10 Nov only. Four or five daily sessions for visiting the caves and the church.

In addition to the chalk stacks and caves known as the Malye Divy, there are also the Bolshye Divy, which now also incorporate a church. Whereas the Divnogorsky Uspensky Cave-Monastery has since been returned to the Orthodox Church, the church at the Bolshye Divy is still run as part of the Divnogorye Museum-Reserve. In addition to the church and the beautiful natural surroundings, the museum-reserve also has exhibitions on the history and traditions of the area. Our Lady of… Read more »