North of City

Klichen Island

Klichen Island (May 2014)

Just to the north of Ostashkov is Klichen Island which is now connected to the mainland via a dam.  Klichen was first mentioned in chronicles in 1371 as a border town of the Moscow Principality.  This town was destroyed by Novgorodians in 1393 and according to legend the sole survivor - a man named Ostashko - established a new settlement on the mainland to the south which became known as Ostashkov in his honour.  Today the island is one of the most popular places among locals who come to enjoy the island's beautiful natural surroundings.   Most of the island is covered with pine trees, but there are also birch, alder, maple, yew and juniper trees here.   There are also some small beaches here.

Location Klichen Island, north of city