North of the River Dnieper

St Nicholas' Church and Chapel

St Nicholas’ Church (June 2012)

St Nicholas’ Church was built in 1748 and is a pretty two storey church painted red with green roofing. The upper storey is dedicated to St Nicholas and the lower story to the Our Lady of Tikhvin Icon and St Mercurius of Smolensk. In 1812 the church was heavily damaged and restored in 1813 using money from the federal budget; a bell tower was also built. In 1927 the church was closed by the Soviets. It was only returned to the Orthodox Church in 1996 and restoration work was carried out.

St Nicholas’ Chapel

Built next to the bell tower of St Nicholas’ Church is St Nicholas’ Chapel. It was built in 1901 and comprises the standard octagon-on-cube form with a tent-dome topped with a small onion dome and four additional small onion domes on each corner of the cube structure. In style it is an beautiful example Russian gothic, richly decorated with kokoshniks and decorative brickwork. The chapel was closed in the Soviet years but returned to the Orthodox Church in the 1990s.

Location 4A Ulita Belyaeva