North of the River Dnieper

Church Ensemble at Kashena

Church ensemble at Kashena (June 2012)

Located on Ulitsa Kashena, next to the railway station, is a church ensemble comprising two churches, which includes one of Smolensk's three churches from before the Mongol era - Ss Peter and Paul's Church.

Ss Peter and Paul's Church

This church dates from 1146 when it was founded by Prince Rostislav Mstislavich of Smolensk and consecrated by Bishop Simeon, the first bishop of Smolensk. However it has suffered greatly over the years and has been restored several times. During the Polish rule of Smolensk in the 17th century it became a catholic church until it was returned to the Orthodox Church upon Russia's recapture of Smolensk. When Smolensk was occupied by the French during the Napoleonic War the church was plundered and subsequently restored after Russia's victory over Napoleon. The church was once again heavily damaged during the Nazi occupation of Smolensk. The church was closed in 1935 although restoration work was carried out on it in the 1960s. The church was eventually reopened for worship in 1991.

St Barbara's Church

Immediately next to St Peter and Paul's Church is St Barbara's Church, which dates from the mid-18th century. In form the church is rather unusual for a Russian Orthodox church. The main part of the church is a rectangular building with two levels of windows. To this a bell tower is attached on the western side of the building.

Location 20 Ulitsa Kashena