Around Ulitsa Timiryazeva and Ulitsa Zhukova

Eastern Section of Walls

Avraamievskie Gates (June 2012)

By far the largest section of the kremlin to survive is the eastern section which includes nine towers (Veselukha Tower, Pozdnyakova Tower, Oryol Tower, the Avraamievskie Gates, Zaaltarnaya Tower, Voronina Tower, Dolgochyovskaya Tower, Zimbulka Tower and the Nikolskie Gates) each connected to each other with walls. The towers alternate from round ones to square ones.

Oryol Tower (March 2008)

The most iconic is probably the round Oryol (eagle) Tower. The section ends with Nikolskaya Tower which also incorporates gates inside the kremlin, although these were not ceremonial gates. It is possible to go inside the towers on this section and to climb up the crumbling steps to gain access to the top of the walls. However be careful as there is no protective fencing at all and the surface in very uneven. In winter it is made even more dangerous by the ice; remember it is easier to get up there than it is to get down!

Location along Ulitsa Timiryazeva, Ulitsa Marshala Zhukova and Ulitsa Isakovskogo