Around Ulitsa Dzerzhinskogo

Archangel Michael's Church (Svirskaya Church)

Svirskaya Church (June 2012)

Archangel Michael's Church is also known as Svirskaya Church as it once had an altar dedicated to St Alexander of Svirka. It is one of Smolensk's three churches which date from the pre-Mongol era, having been built during the reign of Prince Davyd Rostislavich of Smolensk sometime between 1180 and 1197. Prince Davyd was later interred here but the crypt holding his remains has not survived. During the Polish occupation of Smolensk it was used as a Catholic church. Reconstruction work was carried out in 1733 and a bell tower and wall were added between 1175 and 1785. The church was closed after the revolution, but restoration work was carried out in the 1970s and 1980s. It was returned to the Orthodox Church in 1990 and services were once again held there from 1991 after more restoration work was carried out.

Location between Ulitsa Parkovaya and Ulitsa Malokrasnoflotskaya