Transport in Ryazan

Ryazan - 1 Railway station

There are two railway stations in Ryazan. When a train from Moscow approaches Ryazan, the railway line splits into two: the eastern branch (Samara branch) and the southern branch (Voronezh branch).  Ryazan-1 and Ryazan-2 Railway Stations, respectedly, serve these lines.  Ryazan-1 railway station is the main station of the city.  The station is located west of the city centre, around 2.5km from the Ryzan Kremlin, and mostly serves trains which run from central Russia to the east of the country and also Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. Express trains from Moscow arrive atthis railway station. If you come by suburban train (elektrichka) you will notice that the railway line to Moscow is on the left, which is rare in Russia - normally it is on the right.  This is explained by the fact that the line was built by the British who are used to driving on the left.  

To get the city centre from Ryazan-1 Railway Station and the city's main street of the city - Pervomaisky Prospekt (Первомайский Проспект) - walk along Ulitsa Maloe Shosse (Shkolny Pereulok) (ул. Малое Шоссе) which starts just opposite the railway station. This street goes to Pervomaisky Prospekt, cross the road and get Troleybus No. 1 or Marshrutka No. 41.

Location 26A Ulitsa Vokzalnaya (ул. Вокзальная, д.26А )
Selected Destinations Chelyabinsk, Orenburg, Ufa, Samara, St Petersburg, Moscow, Ulyanovsk, Karaganda, Astana, Tashkent, Bishkek.
Suburban Trains In the direction of  Kolomna, Moscow and Rybnoe.
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Ryazan-2 Railway station

Ryazan-2 Raiwlay Station is located just 800 metres from Ryazan-1 Railway Station and serves trains which run from north to south in Central Russia. To get to this station from Ryazan-1 just walk along Ulitsa Vokzalnaya (to the right if you stand with your back to Ryazan-1 Railway Station. To get the city centre from Ryazan-2 take trolleybus No. 5.

Location 1 Ploschad Dimitrova (Площадь Димитрова, д..26А )
Selected Destinations Adler, Kislovodsk, Arkhangelsk, Astrakhan, Rostov-on-Don, St Petersburg, Moscow, Novorosiysk, Voronezh, Murmansk, Penza, Vladikavkaz.
Suburban Trains In the direction of  Kolomna, Moscow and Ryazhsk.
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Ryazan - 1 Railway station

There are also two bus stations in Ryazan. The Central Bus Station (Центральный автовокзал) is located quite far from the city centre so it's better to use public transport to get there. Take buses No. 18, 21, 24, 54, or 69; trolleybuses No. 1, 8, 10; or minibus No. 41, 53, 55, 66, 68, 75 or 88  - all run along  the central Pervomaysky Prospekt (Первомайский Проспект). 

Location 31 Moskovskoe shosse (Московское Шоссе, д.31)

Priokskaya Bus Station (Автостанция Приокская)

This station is pretty small and serves mostly regional routes but also buses to Moscow. The station is located about 1km from the Ryzan Kremlin. To get there walk along Ulitsa Kremlyovsky Val (ул. Кремлевский Вал) until Ulitsa Griboedova (ул. Грибоедова). Turn to Ulitsa Griboedova and walk down Ploschad Svobody (Площаль Свободы). From Ploschad Svobody turn left and walk along Ulitsa Svobody (ул. Свободы) for two blocks and you are there. The bus station will be on the left side of the road.

Location 31 Moskovskoe shosse (Московское Шоссе, д.31)

Getting to/from Ryazan

Ryazan is located fairly close to Moscow and has a good transport connection with other cities of central, north and south Russia. It is not located on the Trans-Siberian railway.

From Moscow

Lots of long distance trains stop in Ryazan - some at Ryazan-1 Railway Station and some at Ryazan-2. It takes from 2½ to 3 hours. But the easiest way is to get the express from Moscow - there are 3 daily which takes around 3 hours. Express trains arrive at Ryazan-1 Railway Station. You can also get a normal suburban trains (elektrichka) which take 30 minutes longer than the express. Both suburban and express trains make stops in Golutvin (for Kolomna) and Rybnoe (for Konstantinovo). Schedules can be found in Russian on Yandex Timetables: Moscow - Ryazan & Ryazan - Moscow.

Buses from Moscow  leave from Vykhino metro station (станция метро Выхино) - it is a transport hub for transport heading to the south from Moscow. Buses leave the station almost every hour but arrive at different bus stations in Ryazan - some at the central bus station and others at the Prioksky Bus Station. The number of the bus is 960.

From St Petersburg

The most convenient train from St Petersburg is the Severnaya Palmira premium train (St Petersburg Moskovsky - Adler). It leaves St Petersburg in the evening and arrives in Ryazan in the early morning at Ryazan-2 Railway Station. It takes 10 hours. Schedules can be found in Russian on Yandex Timetables:  St Petersburg - Ryazan & Ryazan - St Petersburg.

Getting around the Ryazan Region

Kasimov Касимов  up to 9 a day (from the Prioksky Bus station) 3½ hours
Konstantinovo Константиново 10 a day (from the Central Bus station) 45 minutes
Rybnoe Рыбное several an hour 25 minutes