Inside the Kremlin

Novo-Golutvin Convent

There are two convents located within the Kremlin, the first is the Novo-Golutvin Convent. The convent was founded in the 19th century on the base of the residence of the archbishop which was left empty after the Kolomna Eparchy was dissolved and the archbishop was moved to Tula. It was decided that some monks from the nearby Golutvin Monastery would move to the newly vacated space and establish the Novo-Golutvin Monastery, novo meaning new. The monastery was closed during in the 1920s, and reopened as a convent in 1989. Now over 90 nuns live at the convent and they also run a small farm where they breed rare breeds of dogs and care for a camel given to them by Valentina Tereshkova, the first female cosmonaut.

The convent's bell tower was built in 1825 in the empire style and is made up of four tiers. It is situated in the convent's walls and located on the edge of Sobornaya Ploschad between the Dormition Cathedral and the Trinity Cathedral of the convent, adding to the beauty of this part of the kremlin.

The pretty purple church near the main entrance is the Intercession Church which dates from the 1680s, although it underwent reconstruction work in the late 18th century. During this period it was decorated in the gothic style. Closed during the Soviet period, it was only returned to the convent in 1989. Also of note is the Archbishop's Chambers which were constructed at the same time as the Intercession Church under Archbishop Nikita of the Kolomna Eparchy who held the position between 1682 and 1704.

The convent's main cathedral is the Trinity Cathedral which dates from 1705, when it was built as part of the archbishop's residence in what is known as the Naryshkin baroque style. Heavily damaged by fire in 1739 it underwent restoration work shortly afterwards when its interior was decorated with plaster mouldings and frescoes in the baroque style, although only very few decorations around the altar have survived. Finally just after the Trinity Cathedral is the small, wooden St Vladimir's Chapel.

Location 9-11 Ulitsa Lazareva