Inside the Kremlin

Kolomenskaya (Marinkina) Tower and Granovitaya Tower

The tallest tower of the Kremlin to survive is the Kolomenskaya Tower, which stands at 31 metres. The tower was used to watch over the west of the city and had 27 firing-holes. A spiral staircase runs up inside the tower. It is often also called the Marinkina Tower as according to legend Maryna Mniszech, who was briefly tsaritsa during the Times of Troubles, was imprisoned here.

The longest surviving part of kremlin walls runs from the Kolomenskaya Tower to the Granovitaya Tower which is unique in form as its exterior side is octagonal in form, but its interior side square. The tower is 22 metres tall. Now it provides a home for the Svyatogor Centre of Russian Military Culture, a historical re-enactment group, and an exhibition of ancient Russian weapons.

Location along Ulitsa Oktyabryaskoy Revolyutsi