Sights in Dzerzhinsky

Around Ploschad Svyatitelya Nikolaya

Nikolo-Ugreshsky Monastery

The best sight Dzerzhinsky has to offer is the Nikolo-Ugreshsky Monastery which was founded in 1380 but considered to have been reborn in the 1990s and early 2000s, after having been extensively restored after the destructive years of the Soviet regime. One of the most striking features of... Read more »

War Memorial

  • in the park off Ploschad Svyatitelya Nikolaya

Opposite the monastery is a small park with a Second World War memorial. In addition to the standard war memorial there stands another more haunting memorial entitled Boy Crying for the Victims of War. This war memorial differs from most Russian war memorials as it does not just... Read more »

Around the City

Soviet Monument

  • intersection of Ulitsa Bondareva and Ulitsa Dzershinskaya

Where Ploschad Svyatitelya Nikolaya (St Nicholas' Square) joins Ulitsa Dzerzhinskaya there is an excellent example of a Soviet monument depicting a silver hammer, sickle and star. This is just one example of the many reminders of Russia's communist past that even 20 years after the fall of the... Read more »

Feliks Dzerzhinsky Monument

  • near 9 Ulitsa Dzerzhinskaya

On Ulitsa Derzhinskaya in Dzerzhinsky there is, as you might expect, a Feliks Dzerzhinsky Monument. Dzerzhinsky was a Polish revolutionary who went on to become the first head of the feared Chekha, which would develop into the KGB and was notorious for torture and summary executions. Although Moscow... Read more »

Monument to the Creators of the Rocket Shield of Russia

  • near 27 Ulitsa Dzerzhinskaya

Further down Ulitsa Dzerzhinskaya is the Monument to the Creators of the Rocket Shield of Russia, which comprises a giant rocket and several rocket launching vehicles.  The significance of this monument is that the Soyuz Federal Centre of Dual Technology is located in the city which among other... Read more »

Dmitri Donskoy Square

  • Ploschad Dmitria Donskogo, intersection of Ulitsa Lenina and Ulitsa Lesnaya

The centre of the city can be considered to be Ploschad Dmitria Donskogo (Dmitri Donskoy Square), where Ulitsa Lenina meets Ulitsa Lesnaya. On the square stands a Monument to Dmitri Donskoy who set up camp here in 1380 on his way to the Battle of Kulikovo Field. On... Read more »