Inside the Kremlin Mound

Dormition Cathedral and St Serafim Monument

Dormition Cathedral (January 2012)

The most famous sight in Dmitrov is the Dormition Cathedral which was built between approximately 1509 and 1533 on the orders of Prince Yuri Ivanovich of Dmitri on the grounds of the city's kremlin. In form it comprises a standard white-stone, four-pillar, cross-in-square building with five golden domes. In addition to this four separate black-domed side-altars have been built onto each corner. Later, between 1793 and 1796 a bell tower was also added to the cathedral via a staircase. After the Revolution, the cathedral remained open up to 1932 when it was transferred to be used as a museum. In 1941 the top tiers of its bell tower were destroyed and only restored 20 years later. Religious services started to be held in the church from 1991 onwards, but the museum located in the cathedral only moved in 2002 allowing the building to be returned to the Church in 2003.

Just outside the entrance to the cathedral stands a Monument of St Serafim, Bishop of Dmitrov, who was executed by the NKVD in 1937 and subsequently canonised as a holy martyr.

Location 11 Istoricheskaya Ploschad