Transport in Kostroma

Kostroma-Novaya Railway Station

Kostroma-Novaya Railway Station is located on Ploschad Privokzalnaya near the end of Kostroma's main street - Ulitsa Sovetskaya and abour 3.5km from the city centre. To get the city centre take troleybus No.2 from Ploschad Shirokova (Площадь Широкова) bus stop which is just next to the railway station, bus No.7 or minibus No.7 or No.42.

Location 2 Ploschad Privokzalnaya (пл. Привокзальная, д.2)
Selected Destinations St Petersburg, Moscow, Rybinsk, Yaroslavl, Kirov, Perm, Tyumen, Omsk and other cities on the Trans-Siberian route.
Suburban Trains In the direction of Yaroslavl and Galich.
Timetables Long-Distance Trains & Suburban Trains

Kostroma Bus Station

Kostroma Bus Station is located about 1km east of the Kostroma railway station on Kineshemskoe Shosse. To get there from railway station cross the bridge and walk along the shosse.

Location 21 Kineshemskoe Shosse (Кинешемское шоссе, д.21)
Selected Destinations Galich, Nerekhta, Sudislavl, Moscow, Ivanovo, Nizhny Novgorod, Vladimir, Vologda, Yaroslavl.

Kostroma Sokerkino Airport

Sokerkino Airport is located north-east of the city about 7km from Susaninskaya Ploschad. Minibuses (marshrutki) No. 5 and No. 13 run to the airport from Susaninskaya Ploschad. The airport mainly just serves Moscow, but in summer months there are additional destinations.

Location 120 Ulitsa Kostromskaya (ул. Костромская, д.120)


Getting to/from Kostroma

From Moscow

In addition to standard long distance trains connecting Moscow with Kostroma, there is also the Kostroma premium ("firmenny") train. It leaves from Moscow's Yaroslavsky Railway Station and from Kostroma-Novaya Railway Station daily, departing late in the evening and arriving early morning.  It takes just over 6½ hours.  Schedules can be found in Russian on Yandex Timetables: Moscow - KostromaKostroma - Moscow

There are around 7 buses a day in both directions between Moscow's Schyolkovsky Bus Station and Kostroma Bus Station. It takes about 7 hours.

There are two flights a week from Moscow to Kostroma in both directions, but the planes are quite small and old. Planes leave from Moscow's Domodedovo airport.  It takes about 1¼ hours.

From St Petersburg

The most convenient train from St Petersburg is train which runs between St Petersburg's Moskovsky Railway Station and Kostroma-Novaya Railway Station.  It takes just about 17 hours.  Schedules can be found in Russian on Yandex Timetables: St Petersburg - Kostroma & Kostroma - St Petersburg

Getting to other cities in the Kostroma Region and on the Golden Ring

Moscow Москва 7 a day 7 hours
Galich Галич around every hour 2½ hours
Nerekhta Нерехта 9 a day 1½ hours
Sudislavl Судиславль up to 9 a day 1¼ hours
Yarolsavl Ярославль 12 a day 1¾ hours
Ivanovo Иваново 13 a day 2¾ hours