In Sumarokovo

Sumarokovo Moose Farm

Sumarokovo Moose Farm (November 2014)

The village of Sumarokovo, which is located around 25km from Kostroma, is home to one of the very few moose farms in the world. This particular farm was established in 1963 as a research farm to investigate the possibility of domesticating the moose for the benefit of agricultural and military needs. The animals are not farmed for their meat (moose meat production proved too expensive), but they are milked in summer months.  It is claimed moose milk is very effective against stomach problems. The antlers are also harvested each summer. Due to a lack of funding for research, today the main focus of the farm has shifted to tourism and the farm aims to educate visitors about these wonderful creatures. Some sika deer also live on the farm.

You can only visit the farm as part of an excursion which are held frequently. Although buses to Sumarokovo do run from Kostroma Bus Station, from Sumarokovo it is still a 6km walk to the farm.  It is much easier just to take a taxi from Kostroma.  A return trip with an hour of waiting time in 2014 cost RUB 1200.


Location village of Sumarokovo
Clock 10:00 - 15:00. Daily.