The site of the ancient city of Galich has seen human habitation since time immemorial and was the centre of a large mediaeval principality before becoming a significant outpost in the 15th century and an important trading city in the 16th. Today though Galich is a sleepy provincial city, which has been awarded the title of a Historical City of Russia. A visit to Galich can easily be combined with a trip to nearby Soligalich.

Basic facts
Name in Russian Галич
Status City of regional significance in the Kostroma Region
Location On Lake Galichskoe
Distance 130km north-east of Kostroma, 460km north-east of Moscow
Time Zone Moscow Time
Population 16,934 people (2014)
Founded 1159
First Mentioned 1237
Former Names Galich Mersky
Titles/Awards Historical City of Russia
City Day First Sunday in August
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