Belgorod Region

  The Belgorod Region is located in south-west of the Central Federal District, part of what is known as the Black Earth Region, and shares a large border with Ukraine, 540km in total. Trains heading to Crimea from Moscow pass through the region and are very busy in the summer. The largest natural park in the region is the Belogorye National Park.

Prokhorovka - the scene of the greatest tank battle of the Second World War

  There are 11 cities within the Belgorod Region, the most populated of them being Belgorod, the region's centre, and Stary Oskop. The main attraction for tourists in the region is undoubtedly the town of Prokhorovka - where one of the biggest tank battles in history took place. Located here is the 'Third Battlefield of Russia' Museum of Military Glory and several memorials. In Belgorod, the region's centre, there are several sights worth seeing but not as many as the older cities located in the north-eastern part of the Central Federal District. Belgorod however has been named several times as one of the cleanest and most well-organised cities in Russia.