Around Ulitsa Baumana

Ulitsa Baumana

Model of Catherine the Great's Carriage, Ulitsa Baumana (May 2013)

Until 1930 Ulitsa Baumana was known as Ulitsa Prolomnaya as according to local legend it was here that Russian troops broke through the city's defences (prolomit being the Russian for ‘to break through’). Many of Kazan's sights are located nearby, but the street itself is also an attraction for the statues, fountains and other decorations found here. One such statue is Catherine the Great's Carriage, which is an exact life-size copy of the carriage given to the city by Catherine and now on display in the National Museum. Another is the Kazan Cat Monument which is inspired by the legend that when visiting Kazan Empress Elizabeth noticed there were few rats or mice in the city and so she ordered that some cats from Kazan be sent to the Winter Palace in St Petersburg to hunt the rats and mice there.

Location Ulitsa Baumana