Kozmodemyansk is the main city of the group of Mari people who speak the Hill Mari dialect. It is believed that this quaint provincial city on the Volga served as the inspiration for the town of Vasyuki in the popular Soviet book and film Twelve Chairs. The city can be easily visited from Yoshkar-Ola or Cheboksary.


Basic facts
Name in Russian Козьмодемьянск
In Hill Mari Цикмӓ
In Mari Чыкма
Status City-municipality and administrative centre of the Gornomariysky (Hill Mari) District of the Republic of Mari El
Location On the River Volga
Distance 120km south-west of Yoshkar-Ola, 245km east of Nizhny Novgorod, 675km east of Moscow
Time Zone Moscow Time
Founded 1583
Official Website http://www.kozmodemjansk.ru/