Perm Territory

  The Perm Territory is located in the eastern part of European Russian next to the Ural mountains.  It has borders with the Kirov and Sverdlovsk Regions and the Republics of Udmurtia, Bashkortostan and Komi.  The administrative centre of the territory is the city of Perm, which is famous for its museums especially the PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art but also for the large collection of ancient icons and wooden church artefacts at the Perm State Art Gallery.


  Previously the area of the modern-day Perm Territory was part of Great Perm or Permia - a Komi-Permyak principality which existed from the 14th to early 16th century.  This ancient principality has now given its name to the Permian geological period.  

  One of the most famous Gulag museums is located in the Perm Territory.  It is known as Perm-36 but is located some distance from the city of Perm.  It is based in what was once a Soviet Correctional and Labour Colony when people convicted of anti-Soviet propaganda and agitation were sent.

  In addition, the village of Molyobka in the territory is said to be a paranormal zone where many UFOs have been reported in what has become known as the Molyobka Triangle.