Around Ulitsa Kirova

Troitsky Convent

Troitsky Convent (March 2012)

Penza's only convent is the Troitsky Convent which was established between 1689 and 1692 but closed between 1927 and 1994. Now two of the convent's churches survive, surrounded by the convent's wall.

Holy Spirit Church

Holy Spirit Church, Troitsky Convent (March 2012)The older of the two churches is the Holy Spirit Church, although due to its recent renovation it now looks newer than its younger neighbour. It was built between 1858 and 1859 and is rather simple in form with one dome.

Trinity Church

The Trinity Church dates from 1911 and is much more eclectic in its design. It is built in the Russian style and consists of a cube building topped by five golden domes and decorated with kokoshniks, this part of the building is set behind two towers each also topped with a golden dome.

Location 25 Ulitsa Kirova