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Where can I buy train tickets for Russian trains?

  • at a ticket office at any railway station in Russia for domestic journeys and at special ticket office at railway stations in large cities for international destinations.
  • at an electronic terminal of railway stations in major Russian cities using a bank card.
  • on the website using a bank card.

 How do I buy a ticket using the website?

What information do I need to buy a train ticket?

  • Full name
  • Passport number
  • date of birth
  • place of birth
  • citizenship

There is a mistake regarding my passport number/name on the ticket, can I correct it?

  • No, it is not possible to change it.  You need to return the ticket and buy a new one.

Can I change the date of my ticket?

  • No, it is not possible, you need to return the ticket and buy a new one.

In which language should I write my name when buying a ticket?

  • If your passport is in Russian and a foriegn language, you should write your name in Cyrillic.

Which bank cards can I use on the website to buy a ticket?

  • It is not always possible to pay by American and European bank cards.  If this is the case you can contact your bank for advise (transactions in Russia may have been automatically blocked), otherwise you will need to buy your ticket in person at a ticket office.

How do I pay for the set of linen for the train?

  • If you are travelling on kupe or first class of wagon or on an internation train, the price of the set of linen is included.
  • If you are travelling on a platskartny wagon you have the option to pay for the linen when buying your tickets, but clicking on the box.  Otherwise you can buy the set of linen from the conductor on the train.

Can I return tickets?  What is the fee for returning tickets?

  • Electronic tickets can be cancelled on the website or at a ticket office.  Paper tickets can only be cancelled at a ticket office.
  • You can cancel tickets up to one hour before your train is due to depart for train within Russia.  You can cancel tickets for internation trains up to 6 hours before departure.

Transport  Russian Trains Russian Trains FAQ


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