Krasnodar Territory

  The Krasnodar Territory is located on the Black Sea coast and the main resorts of Russia are located here.  It is closely associated with beaches, mountains, natural springs and wine.  It shares borders with Russia’s Rostov Region, Stavropol Territory, and the Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia and Adygea, as well as with Abkhazia which is recognised as independent by Russia, but as part of Georgia by virtually all other countries.


  The administrative centre is Krasnodar which is located on the River Kuban and has a long association with the Kuban Cossacks.  The most popular destination in the territory is Sochi - the only sub-tropical resort in Russia.  Although it has been a popular destination for decades among Russians, including the political elite, the city has only become known on the international stage upon holding the XXII Winter Olympics in 2014.  The games were split between two venues: in specially-built stadiums on the Black Sea coast and up in the mountains of nearby Krasnaya Polyana.  The city of Novorossiysk is a massive commercial port and one of the bases of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. Just outside of the city are Lake Abrau and the Abrau-Dyurso Winery, both popular with tourists.