Astrakhan Region

The Astrakhan Region is situated in the south of Russia where the River Volga drains into the Caspian Sea forming one of the largest river deltas in Europe.  It is also though a  land of both deserts and semi-deserts. Historically this area was the location of Sarai-Batu - the original capital of the Golden Horde.  The administrative centre is the city of Astrakhan, which arose as a Golden Horde trading point and was annexed into Russia by Ivan the Terrible in the mid-16th century.  Today the city is famous for its white kremlin - the most southern  kremlin in the whole of Russia.

Volga delta

The best time to visit the Astrakhan Region is in July and August when the lotuses blossom on the Volga Delta and the famous Astrakhan watermelons are harvested.  The region is also associated with the black caviar from the Caspian Sea.