Principal Routes of Russia

  Russia has a few well-established tourist routes which most tourists to the country go on.  The destinations on these routes generally have a good infrastructure for tourism with many hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops.  The three most popular routes in Russia are: Moscow and St Petersburg, the Golden Ring of Russia and the Trans-Siberian Railway. 

  Although you won't be able to get a full representation of Russia by travelling on these routes, there is certainly enough to please the average tourist who is willing to just scratch the surface of this massive country.  The information, recommendations and advice contained on this section will help you plan your travels around these three principal routes depending on the duration of your trip.


  The Golden Ring of Russia is the main and most popular tourist route around provincial cities of central European Russia. There is no officially defined list of all the cities included on the route, but you can find a list of the cities frequently included on our Golden Ring Cities page.  In any case there are certainly a few cities which you should see and some you can skip. Read more...


  Trans-Siberian Railway route - along the longest railroad in the World. While visiting St Petersburg and Moscow is probably enough and essential for the first trip to Russia - Transib (a short name of the railroad) is a real adventure deep into Russia. 9000km of Russia and 7 days (or even more) in the train will stay in your memory as unforgettable trip. Read more...