In the Verkhny Posad

Churches of the Former Ilinsky Monastery

The Ilinsky Monastery is believed to have been founded during the reign of Tsar Ivan the Terrible in the mid-16th century, but later destroyed during the Time of Troubles. The monastery was subsequently refounded and new stone churches where built in the end of the century. However by 1738 there were no monks at the monastery and a decision was taken to dissolve it with the churches remaining as parish churches.

St Elijah the Prophet's Church in Kamenye

St Elijah's Church in Kamenye was built in 1698, replacing an older wooden version, to serve as the monastery's unheated summer church. In form it consists of a simple pillarless cube with a single dome on top. It was closed in 1930 and today remains closed although restoration work is being carried out.

St Varlaam of Khutyn's Church

Immediately next to St Elijah the Prophet's Church in Kamenye is St Varlaam of Khutyn's Church. It was built in the classical style between 1777 and 1780 after the monastery had been closed down to serve as a summer church for its neighbour. The church includes a bell tower which stands over its entrance. Like its neighbour it was closed in 1930 and never reopened, although it is maintained in a good condition.

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