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Piskaryovskoe Memorial Cemetery

Piskaryovskoe Memorial Cemetery (August 2010)

One of the most sombre places in St Petersburg is the Piskaryovskoe Memorial Cemetery. The cemetery was established in 1939 and during the Siege of Leningrad thousands of bodies were bought here each month which reached its peak in February 1942 when more than 10,000 bodies were brought here.  In total around half a million people are buried here, predominantly citizens who perished during the Siege but also around 70,000 soldiers who died defending the city.

Piskaryovskoe Memorial Cemetery (August 2010)

The bodies were hastily buried unmarked in large pits but after the war the cemetery was remodelled and turned into a memorial. The centrepiece is a bronze monument of Mother Russia holding a wreath.  The cemetery is a fitting tribute to this tragic period of suffering in Russian history and a must for all those interested in Russian war history. The cemetery is a focal point of mourning on the 9th May Victory Day Commemorations. There is also a small museum pavilion here. To get here go to Ploschad Muzhestva metro station and then take bus No. 80, 123, or 138 in the direction of Ladozhskaya metro. 

Location 72 Prospekt Nepokorennykh
Metro Ploschad Muzhestva
Website http://www.pmemorial.ru/memorial
Clock 09:00 - 18:00. Cemetery open until 21:00 in spring and summer months.