On Petrogradsky Island

Sergey Kirov Apartment-Museum

Sergey Kirov Apartment-Museum (October 2014)

Sergey Kirov was a Bolshevik leader who headed the Communist Party in Leningrad. His assassination in 1934 led to show trials and the Great Purge. The apartment where he lived from 1926 until his death has since been preserved as an apartment-museum. If you have any interest in this era, the museum is a must, but, even if you don't, it really is worth visiting to see this beautiful Soviet style apartment for the Bolshevik elite. The 200 square metre apartment consists of a study, library, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, toilet, recreation room and kitchen, all of which have been carefully restored to how they looked when Kirov lived here. The museum is run as a branch of the St Petersburg History Museum.


Location 26-28 Kamennoostrovsky Prospekt
Metro Petrogradskaya
Website http://www.spbmuseum.ru