On Spassky Island

Anichkov Bridge and Horse Tamer Statues

Horse Tamer Statues (August 2010)

Nevsky Prospekt crosses the Fontanka over the Anichkov Bridge which is named in honour of its chief engineer - Mikhail Anichkov.  Despite various mentions of it in Russian literature, it would be relatively unremarkable if it was not for the four statues on each corner collectively known as the Horse Tamers.  Each bronze statue depicts a wild horse being tamed by a youth and are the work of Peter Clodt von Jürgensburg.  The first two bronze statues were unveiled in 1841 on the western side of the bridge and plaster copies were temporarily place on the eastern side.  In 1842 the second pair of bronze statues were completed, but Emperor Nicholas I decided to give these to King Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia instead of installing them on the bridge.  Another pair was then given to the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies in 1846. All four bronze statues were only put in place in 1851.  During the Siege of Leningrad they were buried in the garden of Anichkov Palace for protection which saved them as the bridge itself  was heavily damaged.  The damage done to one pedestal by German artillery has especially been left unrestored.

Location Nevsky Prospekt over the Fontanka
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